CGI Animation (3D Animation)


CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) animation, a more commonly used term for 3D Animation, provides for creating an almost perfect representation of real life. By using advanced computer techniques like use character animation, texturing, transparency, lighting effects and motions, our animators and creative directors create virtual reality.

Content producers can leverage VenSat’s CGI animation (3D animation) capabilities to great use. Apart from creating spectacular and heart-warming CGI animated (3D animated) movies, Our customers can use CGI animation (3D animation) for doing things that are impossible to do in reality – knocking down and reconstructing buildings in front of people’s eyes, or making an event happen that is either too dangerous or expensive to stage. Our customers can also use or CGI animation (3D animation) services for creating 3d demos of products, like cars etc, which gives consumers a better idea of how the product or service can work for them. These demonstrations will let the consumers clearly see the effectiveness of the product virtual rather than just reading empty words promising great things.

At VenSat, we have a talented and experienced team of 3D modelers, designers and creative artists focusing on four major areas of creative set-up, production management, technology, animation and rendering. Our artists drive critical advances in the art of CG animated filmmaking. Continuous innovation enables us to create stunning and progressively richer visual imagery. It also allows our artists to craft characters, environments and worlds, and special effects to capture the beauty of the storyline in all its detail.

We are the talent behind some of the coolest content created in Hollywood and Bollywood. VenSat has state-of-the-art facilities, workstations and licensed software to create high quality CGI (3D) content. VenSat offers in-depth expertise and proven track record of always exceeding our customer expectations and service requirements.

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Service Offerings - Process Details

Conception to completion:

    Pre-production creative & business consulting
    Production tests
    Character design & storyboards
    Asset building
    Character modeling, texturing, rigging
    Animation & effects
    Lighting & texturing
    Motion comics, end-to-end
    Co-production financing

    Pre-production creative & business consulting & Production tests
    On-set supervision
    Opening titles & logo animation
    Dynamics & Particles
    CG creatures and characters
    Crowd duplication – Matte painting
    Set extensions
    Wire removal
    Digital compositing
    Co-production financing

    Stereo onsite supervision
    Motion tracking
    2D to 3D stereo conversion
    CGI – stereoscopic 3D production
    Stereoscopic VFX
    HD stereo conversion
    Stereo camera shots – digital compositing
    OSR (Stereo Paint)
    Co-production financing